Top 10 Most Famous Lungi Brands in India 2024

What strikes a chord when you think about Lungi? I surmise, the majority of us have the very believed that the lungi is a customary piece of fabric of South Indian men. Shockingly, this attire style has become stylish in many pieces of the nation, including South India.

Lungi is one of the exceptional, agreeable, and straightforward ways of wearing men’s clothing while sleepwear for most men has a place with the 18 or 19 ages. However, as straightforward as it looks, taking care of in the wake of wearing it is similarly troublesome.

Additionally, the Indian environment and tight plan way make it hard to wear the lungi brand here. In spite of this explanation, numerous men in various pieces of the nation actually wear it constantly.

One of the greatest advantages of lungi is that it diminishes the gamble of disease and causes one to feel good because of the free development.

Inside a couple of moments, you can fold lungi over your midsection and between your legs. Notwithstanding, they can be made utilizing various textures, like polyester, cotton, and numerous others.

In the event that you are looking for skin-accommodating and delicate articles of clothing, look for 100 percent unadulterated cotton lungis.

Then again, polyester lungi is appropriate for men who would rather not squander life on pressing. Be that as it may, lungi is presented in a large number of examples, colors, printed, and diverse varieties.

Handloom varieties that portray the assembling system are likewise accessible in the Indian market. The accompanying rundown is an unquestionable necessity for those searching for the best lungi brands in India:

Rundown of Best Lungi Brands in India

In the following segment, we have a top to bottom conversation on each brand exclusively and know how much assortment of lungis they proposition to their clients.

The majority of them are from Kerala or Tamil Nadu as there a large portion of the men like to wear lungi constantly.

Assuming you also are watching out for the best Lungi textures and scope of prints and varieties, then look at the accompanying rundown of brands that could suit your requirements.

SBN Way of Life Brand

The Lungis assortment by SBN way of life is tremendous, which gives you the choice to look over that is the most appropriate to your necessities.

In the event that you are looking for something unmistakable or different in your lungis assortment, go for a SBN way of life brand.

With the plenty of prints and plans they offer, you will actually want to find something exceptional that is not the same as the standard lungi choices accessible in the Indian market.

Best of all, SBN lungis offer most extreme solace and simplicity to the wearer. In view of your inclinations, you can purchase Kattari lungis, highly contrasting with different tones, or sewed lungis of little checks in multicolor.

They have substantially more than that in their lungis range. Since SBN lungis are hand-lingered, you won’t think twice about your solace.

Kitex Lungis Brand

Kitex lungi is another renowned lungi brand on this rundown. It is prestigious for its excellent items which incorporate ladies’ and men’s clothing. This Indian brand producer has a selective scope of lungis under different prints and tones, and subsequently, it has become famous among the wearers.

Their kidswear is additionally being sent out to the US. Having its starting point in Kochi, it offers 100 percent unadulterated cotton lungi in many styles.

Because of the appeal for printed lungis, lungis planned by Kitex are very well known. The assortment of lungi by the Kitex brand incorporates single variety lungi with enormous dark check, diverse really look at lungi, straightforward saffron, white and blue actually look at lungi, blue variety lungi, and significantly more.

Mr. Lungi Brand

Mr. Lungi is one of the endlessly driving Lungi brands in India. Lungi presented by this brand is reasonable from Rs.190 to Rs.300.

Tracking down Mr. Lungi items disconnected, yet because of the accessibility of the web based business site, their presence has become wide and powerful is troublesome.

The brand is popular for its tassar silk lungi inferable from the craftsmanship and nature of the texture. Aside from the sets, they have a selective assortment of customary cotton lungi and silk lungi which are being worn to upgrade the look and appeal of Indian men.

Probably the most ideal plan that anyone could hope to find for Indian men in their assortment incorporates premium blue, nonexclusive white and dark blend, Kasthuri madras checks, little check, arbitrary strip, 1-inch strips, chess, and considerably more. You can pick colors that are remarkable like violet, green, brown, maroon, orange, blue, red, yellow, dark, blue, etc.

Dhrona Lungis Brand

Dhrona is one of the regarded and believed lungi brands in India. The lungis planned by the brand fulfills the need of each and every man while offering greatest solace and style.

Their lungis are broadly well known because of their standing and reasonable costs. Tamil Nadu-based firm has various encounters in this field and it fabricates premium quality lungis.

On the off chance that you need something lightweight, reasonable, and packable, go for this lungi brand without the slightest hesitation. Men who incline toward wearing printed lungis can have numerous choices from Dhrona out there.

It is well known for its white cotton lungis and plain cotton lungis. You can likewise track down blended and unadulterated cotton choices, out of which blended choices accompany 20% polyester and 80% cotton.

Cotton Crown Brand

For the people who have been sitting tight for a skin-accommodating lungi, cotton crowns are the only ones you can trust. Cotton Crown offers a tremendous scope of value Lungi which is planned from premium quality cotton texture.

Additionally, the assortment of lungi by Cotton Crown is brilliant and in vogue. Multi-checks, huge checks with matching tones, and printed plans are some of what you can get from this brand.

Nandu Brand Lungis Brand

Nandu is driving the way in the assortment of Tip top Lungis. The brand is out there for premium decision more than ordinary lungis. It has a colossal assortment for both little fellows and men.

The Nandu brand permits you to pick a tremendous reach, including Round trip, Madras Checks, Madras Striking, Blacks, Metropolitan Style, Irregular Strips, Plain, Classic, White Macho, and Print Lungis. Possibly you can pick the premium or First class lungis, the expense of tip top beginning from Rs 325 while premium lungis begins from Rs 278.

Sangu Imprint Brand

Laid out in the year 1927, Sangu Imprint is lead the lungi business and is renowned for giving a reasonable scope of lungis. Quality confirmation is the need of this brand, and in particular, the first weavers bring an immense assortment of lungis for you.

Sangu Imprint has a various scope of lungis to browse, including bright fields, colorful lungis with really look at examples of numerous sizes, white and dark blend lungis, huge striped, printed lungis, Kattari lungis, strips with diverse, and significantly more.

Blue Leaf Lungis Brand

Blue leaf has a very much settled business of lungi, which is the reason driving the market. Whether you need to wear a lungi consistently to go to the workplace with lungis, look basic and clean with these Blue leaf lungis. The texture of cotton lungis by Blue leaf is unadulterated and guarantees greatest solace level while wearing it.

Here once more, you have a plenty of decisions. The expense ranges are reasonable, and you can look over white, plain shaded, colorful, and Katari lungi.

For simple purchasing Blue Leaf Lungi, go to Amazon and begin shopping. They come in join free sizes and you really want to adhere to legitimate washing directions to improve the nature of the texture.

Niranj Brand

Niranj is the trailblazer in this business and one of the rumored brands. It meets the various prerequisites of the clients. You can browse Katari, printed, blended, and some other plan and example from Niranj.

They have been fabricating quality items for a long time. They offer an extensive variety of originator lungi brand with numerous styles, textures, and examples.

Niranj ought to be your essential choice assuming you feel that you really want unstitched lungi, which you can adjust to your unique requirements.

There are a ton of unstitched choices likewise accessible from this brand. Mixed and cotton texture choices are likewise presented by Niranj.

Papaya Brand

Papaya is a main brand that has procured a standing around the country. They have an immense scope of substitutes to take care of the necessity of clients.

It fabricates and supplies Lungi across India like its contentions, and you can pick a scope of lungi from this brand on Amazon.

You can browse checks, Kattari, plain tones, and different kinds of lungis from this brand at a reasonable expense. Additionally, cotton sewed lungis with free size are likewise proposed to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lungi Brands

What is a Lungi?
A lungi is a traditional piece of clothing worn by men in many South Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It’s a comfortable and versatile garment that is essentially a rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and tied in place.

Do Different Brands Manufacture Lungis?
Yes, there are several brands and manufacturers that produce lungis. These brands often offer variations in fabric, design, and quality, catering to different customer preferences.

What Are The Popular Lungi Brands?
Popular lungi brands may vary by region, but some well-known names include Rupa, Lux Cozi, Bombay Dyeing, and local, artisanal brands.

How Do I Choose The Right Lungi Brand?
When selecting a lungi brand, consider factors like the fabric type, design, comfort, durability, and your budget. It’s a good idea to try out different brands and styles to see which one suits you best.

What Types of Fabric Are Used in Lungis?
Lungis are typically made from various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends of these materials. Cotton lungis are popular for their comfort and breathability.

Can I Find Designer or Premium Lungis from Specific Brands?
Yes, some brands offer designer or premium lungis made from high-quality fabrics and featuring unique designs. These are often chosen for special occasions or as stylish loungewear.

Are Lungis Available in Different Lengths and Sizes?
Lungis come in various lengths, typically ranging from 1.2 meters to 2.2 meters. The size you choose should depend on your height and how you prefer to wear and tie your lungi.

Can I Purchase Lungis Online from These Brands?
Many lungi brands have an online presence, and you can purchase lungis through their official websites or on e-commerce platforms. Online shopping provides a convenient way to explore a wide range of options.

Are Lungis Unisex, or Are There Gender-Specific Lungis?
Lungis are primarily worn by men, but there are no strict gender restrictions. In some regions, women also wear lungis, and unisex options are available.

What is The Price Range for Lungis from Different Brands?
The price of a lungi can vary widely depending on the brand, fabric, design, and quality. You can find basic lungis for a very affordable price, while designer or premium lungis may be more expensive.

How Do I Care for My Lungi To Ensure its Longevity?
Care instructions for lungis typically involve washing them in cold or lukewarm water, avoiding harsh detergents, and air-drying to maintain the fabric’s quality and color.

Are Lungis Only Suitable for Casual Wear, or Can They Be Worn for Formal Occasions Too?
Lungis are often considered casual or loungewear, but some regions have formal versions, and they can be dressed up for special events. It’s essential to consider the fabric and design when determining the appropriateness for formal wear.

Can I Find Lungis with Specific Regional or Cultural Designs?
Yes, some brands offer lungis with regional or cultural motifs and designs. These lungis can be a great way to celebrate and showcase your cultural heritage.

Are There Eco-Friendly or sSustainable Lungi Options Available?
Some brands are increasingly focusing on sustainability and offer eco-friendly lungis made from organic or recycled materials. Look for brands that prioritize environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Can I Buy Lungis in Bulk or for Wholesale from Specific Brands?
Many brands offer bulk or wholesale purchasing options for lungis, making them suitable for retailers or special events.

When choosing a lungi brand, consider your personal preferences, the occasion you plan to wear it for, and the quality of the product to ensure you make a satisfying choice.

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