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Banaras is an ancient and holy city, and everything about this city is special. Banaras is also known for its handwoven artistry, and when we talk about Banaras, it is impossible not to mention the banarasi sarees market in Varanasi.

Today, Banarasi sarees are famous worldwide and have their own unique identity due to their premium quality and intricate work.

When you visit Banaras, you will find a saree shop after every two stores. However, when it comes to authenticity, there are only a few markets where you can find original handwoven Banarasi sarees.

Some people may try to deceive you, so it is important to know the difference between original and duplicate sarees.

In this blog, We will know about 8 markets in Banaras where you can find original handwoven Banarasi sarees. The ranking of these markets is based on their authenticity and relevance.

Julaiya Market

This is the manufacturer and bunkar market for Banarasi sarees and textiles mills, where you can buy Banarasi sarees, suits, and fabrics. Here you can explore over 100,000 modern and traditional designs and patterns.

The gallies (alleys) resound with the rhythmic sounds of handlooms and power looms. all banarasi items are supplied to all places from this market.

If you want to buy sarees directly from the artisans at a manufacturer price and experience the weaving process. then Julaiya Market is must visit place for your shopping.

Madanpura Market

This is a well-known manufacuturer and retail Banarasi saree market. A few years ago, you could hear the sound of handlooms running everyhome in this market, but with changing times, now you will find handlooms inside the street at very few homes.

and the main market area is filled with diverse shops for saree enthusiasts to explore traditional and intricate designs, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. If you are looking to purchase a beautiful Banarasi saree, Madanpura Market is definitely worth a visit.

Dasasamedh Market

This is not just a market but also a holy ghat where people come from far and wide to witness the evening aarti. What could be better than finding Banarasi sarees in one place after the aarti?

In this market, you will find various items such as Banarasi suits, sarees, dupattas, gowns, and much more. Those who want to combine saree shopping with the aarti experience can visit this market.

Chowk Market

This is the largest wholesale market for sarees in Banaras, where fabric, thread, and sarees are sold in bulk. People from various cities come here for dealing with Banarasi clothing.

Finding this market might be a bit confusing as it is located near Dasasamedh Market, slightly ahead or behind. For those who want to buy sarees in wholesale for their shops, this market is the best option.

Vishwanath Market

This is the best local street market where you can find numerous Banarasi saree shops. The market is always crowded, and you can explore Banarasi sarees, jewelry, idols, street food, puja items, and more. It is located near the Kashi Vishwanath Temple corridor.

Dalmandi Market

This is the biggest and most crowded market for all daily life and clothing items. Here, you can find everything from toys, household items, shoes, and Banaras special dishes to Banarasi sarees.

Due to its size, finding a saree shop might be a bit challenging. If you have time to explore, Dalmandi is a must-visit place.

Golghar Market

At this place, you will find a endless variety of Banarasi sarees, along with salwar suits and fabrics, all at affordable prices. The famous Kaal Bhairav Mandir is also nearby, making it a lovely spot for shopping.

You can spend a whole day here, exploring the numerous shops, Traffic and crowds can get overwhelming, but it’s typical of vibrant Varanasi. It’s a old market for sarees, suits, and general items in Varanasi.

Treat yourself to heavenly samosas, kulhad chai, and delightful sweets during your shopping. Ladies will surely enjoy their shopping experience here.

Nai Sadak Market

This is a large market in Banaras known for cheap clothing. Here, you can find all types of clothes for all age groups, including shirts, T-shirts, pants, salwar suits, fabrics, but there are fewer Banarasi saree shops. It is the last place on our list and the best option for budget-friendly different types of banarasi sarees.

These are some of the markets in Banaras where you can find original handwoven Banarasi sarees. Enjoy your shopping experience and explore the authenticity of Banaras’s rich textile heritage.

Mahmood Market

This is a 100+ year-old wholesale and retail market similar to Chowk. Here, you will find a wide range of clothing items like suits, sarees, and fabrics.

Many renowned Banaras manufacturers sit in this market, dealing only in wholesale. You can also find retail saree shops here. It is a perfect market for both wholesale and retail shopping. You can buy all types of wholesale banarasi sarees online at best price from varanasi market.

Whenever you come to Banaras, before visiting any market, pay special attention to this point: never tell the auto-rickshaw or taxi drivers that you want to buy a saree. Otherwise, they will take you to another shop where they get a commission. Be cautious with auto-rickshaw drivers.

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